Anchoring at the Bay of Roses and Cadaqués

After spending the whole day sailing, enjoying the astonishing views of the Gulf of Roses, it’s time to anchor your boat and rest.

Anchoring at the Bay of Roses and Cadaqués

The best option to make a stop with your boat is to get to one of the multiple beaches having buoys for mooring. At some of those buoys there are catering and boating services to get to land.

In the city of Roses, the Port of Roses itself is in charge of installing and managing the buoys, so you can book one on their contact form.

Concerning the city of Cadaqués, the three main companies which are devoted to the management of the buoys are: Promar –also operating in Port de la Selva–, Sotamar and the Port of Cadaqués –in charge of Port-Lligat as well.


Beaches in Roses to anchor your boat

Bonifaci Beach

This beach, located between Canyelles Petites and Almadraba beaches, stands out among others due to its calm water and golden sand. Vessels of more than 8 metres long are not allowed to stay overnight here.

Cala Calitjás

This cove is composed of sand and rocks. It is situated between Cala Montjoi and Cala La Pelosa.

Cala Jóncols

Cala Jóncols is an unspoilt cove within the limits of Cap de Creus Protected Area.

Here Cala Jóncols Hotel is worthy a mention. It is a beautiful hotel set between Roses and Cadaqués standing out for its peace, pleasant atmosphere, excellent value for money products and exceptional manners. If you stop at Cala Jóncols, this would be the perfect place to relax and try the local cuisine.

Canyelles Beach

It is a semi-urban beach accessible by the road connecting Cap de Creus’ lighthouse and Almadraba beach, about 3 kilometres far from the centre of Roses. Vessels of more than 8 metres long are not allowed to stay overnight here.

Almadraba Beach

This is another semi-urban beach located about 5 kilometres far from the centre of Roses. Vessels of more than 8 metres long are not allowed to stay overnight here.

Cala Pelosa

About 9 kilometres far from the centre of Roses, this cove is well-known for its flora, its vessels and the chiringuito, which has an especial service consisting in boating its clients to the restaurant to have lunch there.

Cala Montjoi

This cove, which is 7 kilometres far from Roses, is croissant-shaped and, thus, swell is not strong. This makes Cala Montjoi a really peaceful spot.


Buoys of the Port of Roses

It’s highly important to be able to differentiate the types of buoys. Some of them manifest that there are especial services available, such as hotels, campings or restaurants; others just indicate how long you can stay. There are three types, which are the following:

Blue buoys: long-lasting rentals.

Orange buoys: short-lasting rentals and passing vessels.

White buoys: restaurants, hotels and campings.

Rental time and contact

If you decide to anchor your boat in one of the buoys of the Port of Roses, you can book it on its website.

You can choose among the following rental times:

Day: from 10am to 6pm.

Morning/afternoon: from 10am to 2pm.

Afternoon/evening: from 2pm to 6pm.

Night: from 2pm to 10am.

Morning/night: from 10 am to 10am.

However, if you wish to contact them directly, there are two phone numbers available for information and customer service: +34 972 15 44 12 and +34 609 02 04 50.


Anchoring at the Bay of Cadaqués

Cadaqués is a beautiful seaside city known for its particular architectural ensemble of white buildings and its crystal water coves. It is, with no doubt, the perfect place to stop. You’ll enjoy its picturesque streets!

As to the options to anchor your boat in Cadaqués, there are three alternatives and plenty of buoys to do it:


This company offers multiple options for scuba diving, but it’s the more than 300 buoys what may interest you sailors the most. Fares include 3 or 4 hours stays, 1 night, 1 week, 2 weeks and 1 calendar month.

To book one of its buoys, call +34 972 25 88 76 from 10am to 1pm and 4pm to 7pm whatever it’s weekdays or weekend, or contact them via email at or by filling its contact form in.

Port de Cadaqués

The Port of Cadaqués offers the possibility to moor both in Cadaqués and Port-Lligat. The rental times range from half a day, 1 day, 1 week, 2 weeks or 1 calendar month.

Buoys can be booked by calling +34 972 25 83 44, Monday to Friday, from 8am to 1pm and 15pm to 6pm. Contact is also available via email at or its contact form.


This business is devoted to diverse maritime services on the coast of Cadaqués and Port de la Selva and manages more than 200 hundred buoys for anchoring boats. They can be booked by calling +34 972 15 91 43, via email at or by its contact form.