Keeping your sails in good condition

We know that whether you're competing or sailing, your sails are a big investment, and we're committed to helping you maximize the performance and life of your sails.


Because of the high loads that can be carried by the sails, any damage should be repaired as soon as possible, the smallest of the rips can be greater in a matter of seconds.

At Velaris Sails we will make the necessary repairs to get your sail back on the water as soon as possible. At Velaris Sails repairs are always a priority.


Modifications and Replacements

In Velaris Salis we offer repair, modification or replacement service of UV protection (with materials with maximum sun protection), damaged battens, replacement system of skates or extend the useful life of a stretched sail.



Cleaning your sails at the end of the season together with proper drying and proper storage will improve the image of it and prolong its useful life.

In Velaris Salis we offer a cleaning service to give solution to the problems of Grease stains produced by the rigging, Removal of harmful saltpeter, Cleaning of mud by rain, Extraction of points of rust or Points of mold.

(All products used do not damage seams or the environment)


Winter Sail Storage

In order for our clients to have their sails in perfect conditions of use on their return, Velaris Sails offers them a cleaning, revision and repair service.

Once the sail is ready, if the client wishes we have space to store their sails, in a space free of humidity and safe from inclement weather.